Thursday, January 17, 2008


So I know it's been a while since I posted anything new. The past few weeks have been crazy, and emotional. Let me start by re-capping. As part of our adoption, we have to provide references, and only one can be a relative. Jeremy and I decided to ask my grandma, who is affectionately called Bub, if she would be our reference. We asked her after Thanksgiving Dinner and it was quite an experience when she replied, "I'd love to, this is so special, I'm honored" with tears in her eyes. She excitedly asked when the papers would arrive every time we saw her. Finally they arrived on January 5th just one short day before she very unexpectedly passed away. My sweet Bub spent part of her last morning, from what I have been told, working on our reference letter. A notebook was found with her unmistakable perfect handwriting where she wrote out each question and thoughtfully began to answer. It was so sweet to read how she described Jeremy, she loved him, maybe more than me!

I miss and love her so much, but I feel very strongly that she is still playing a vital role in this process for us, she was so excited for us to start our family through adoption and I know she's still very aware of our desire to have children. Some have commented that she probably decided to handle things on the other side, rather than wait for them to happen here. Probably so...