Sunday, July 27, 2008

Home Improvements!

Ok, here's a few projects we've been working on. And one in progress! I'll take some more pictures of our living and family rooms, they look so much better now, but I didn't have any on my camera. We are doing great, Jeremy's working on studying for his insurance test, and I'm getting ready for girl's camp in a few weeks. Our adoption paperwork is slowly coming, hopefully soon... it's so hard waiting! I know it will happen when it's supposed to, and that we will be better prepared, that we are still young... I've heard it all.... but our 5 year mark of trying to have our family is creeping up this fall and I'm ready to be done!!! Ok, enough venting, enjoy the pictures!

So I thought I'd start with a room that's finished. Our upstairs bathroom was baby pink, so this is the new bathroom with a more bathroom appropriate color!

This is my kitchen... a little cluttered with plants I'm trying reeeeally hard not to kill!

Again, a plant I'm trying to keep alive. And a ceiling fan, that needs to be replaced!!! Sooo, not quite done, but you get the idea!

I really love this shelf in my kitchen!

Ok, this is a bit embarrassing, please ignore the unmade bed!!!! This is our bedroom, with all it's wallpaper glory!!!! Now the wallpaper is off, but we are trying to get the glue off the walls so we can paint! The goal is to have it done by my birthday a week from Friday! Hopefully--- it'd be a great present to have it finished and our room back to normal!