Wednesday, September 24, 2008

...and then there were three...

I'd like to introduce the blogging world to our sweet baby girl Ellie Maxine! She was born on September 22nd at 4:42 pm. She weighed 5 lbs. 5 oz. and is 18 inches long! I got a phone call from Rachel's mom on Monday around 11 am saying that Rachel's water had broken during the night and they were at the hospital. Rachel had invited us to be there during the delivery... amazing I know! So I called my mom hysterical that I wasn't ready and I needed some help! We weren't expecting Ellie until next week and I was a bit overwhelmed. My sweet mom reassured me that we were ready and to enjoy every minute. When we got to the hospital we met Rachel's parents and her younger brother and sister. What an amazing family she has!! We loved meeting them and spending some time with them. As the day progressed Rachel was given her epidural and then she started on pit. During that time when they checked Rachel we found out that instead of crowning Ellie was trying to look out... face first. After a bit it was determined that Rachel would have to deliver with a c-section. Rachel was not excited about the idea, but Jeremy and her dad gave her a sweet blessing. How incredible that Jeremy was able to be part of that.

Now what happened next was the most spiritual and amazing blessing of my life. Rachel was told that she could only take one person with her to deliver Ellie. Jeremy and I were out in the hall and when I came back in Rachel's mom told me that Rachel had asked that I be the one to go with her! I cannot describe how honored I was. Rachel had her sister and her mom there that could have gone with her, I certainly was not expecting it. It all happened quickly for me... I'm sure not for Rachel, but suddenly I was being escorted to surgery in my scrubs and all. I sat and held Rachel's hand and watched as she brought our baby girl into the world... yes I watched them pull Ellie out!! I don't know how to describe what that was like to be holding the hand of the bravest woman I know as she gave birth to my baby! I've been crying a lot... and that memory will stay in the most sacred part of my soul.

Ellie was a bit swollen after she came out, but I was amazed at how fast it went away! Isn't she beautiful?!! Rachel was so sweet every step of the way, she let me hold and love her. She told me several times that she knew this was right, and that we are her parents. It's an amazing act of love and faith on her part. I am proud to have her as Ellie's birth mother. By the way--- she looks fantastic for having just had a baby.

Because of the c-section Rachel was supposed to be in the hospital for at least three days, but today we found out that Rachel was ready to go home and we could come get Ellie!! We rushed and picked up a few things and put together a basket for Rachel and her daughter Alice. Nothing we could ever do will even come close to repay her for the gift of being parents, but we tried to be thoughtful!

We love Rachel so much, I've been asked by several people about the kind of relationship we will have now that Ellie is home with us. Rachel and I have a one of a kind bond. I feel connected to her like no one else in my life, and I felt it the first time we talked. Her and I will be life-long friends, I look up to her for her courage and faith, she has been an amazing example of being Christ-like. Ohhh how we love our Rachel!!

There is soooo much more to our story. So many tiny miracles that brought Rachel into our lives and then Ellie. We love her soooo much, she is such a sweet baby. We're home and I just hope I can be a good mommy to her!!

Thursday, September 18, 2008


Miracles happen, and a miracle happened today! Let me back up to 4 weeks ago. I got a phone call from my OB/GYN, or should I say my previous OB/GYN. I haven't seen him for over two years due to a change in our insurance. He called and said "Jenny, I have a young woman who is looking to place her baby for adoption and I thought of you. Are you interested?" Uh... my response... YES!! Lots of prayers and fasting, crying, and more prayers!

Fast forward two weeks, we met the first half of our miracle. Her name is Rachel, and she is the most amazing person I have ever met. She is beautiful, selfless, incredible, an angel, our miracle. I never thought I would love and adore someone I just met, but I do. She is everything I could have asked for in a birth mother, everything. And even more than that, I feel like I have known her forever, and I think I have. She is a blessing, our miracle.

Fast forward to today. I got the phone call of a lifetime, it was Rachel, she told me I'm going to be a MOMMY!!! What do you say to someone who is going to make you a mom? "Thank you" seems insincere, "I'm so grateful" is not enough, I'm still working on what words have been created to express the most grateful depths of my soul. Our baby girl is coming, did I mention it's a girl?!!! And she's coming in 12 days, I guess now since it's the middle of the night and I can't sleep out of so many emotions, it's closer to 11 days. Rachel is going to be induced on September 29th. We are naming the baby Ellie Maxine, after my sweet grandma Bub. Ellie is coming, and I can't wait to meet the second half of our miracle!!!!

To Rachel, if you read this, LOTS OF LOVE!!!