Friday, February 8, 2008

Our Classes...

Well it's been a few weeks since my last post. Our classes started on the 17th of January. They have been amazing. Last night we had the birth parent panel, and we were able to bring our family and friends. They started the night explaining a little about the adoption process, and about the importance of using the correct terminology. Such as... when a birth mother chooses a couple she "places" her baby, not she "gave up" her baby. Just a few things to help our families understand adoption. Then they introduced a birth mother who placed her baby a few months ago. It was amazing, truly. I've never felt the Spirit like I did last night. This whole process has been so emotional, feeling like you are being judged on every aspect of your life. Your finances, marriage, relationships with your family, your job, your looks... everything. But last night I realized again, that we are supposed to adopt. Despite the emotions, and the heartache, we are supposed to do this. So a little update on where we are at... we have 2 more classes left, and some more paperwork. We've made a dent in it, but only a dent!! We're picking away at it, but there's a lot!

Just a little side note, I had a comment by someone I've never met, Lila. I couldn't find her blog to comment, but we are going through LDS Family Services in Utah. I have researched a lot of different agencies and would love to chat more!