Monday, December 27, 2010

Some Pictures

Christmas at Grandma's

All of Ellie's cousins on my side of the family

Ellie and Santa Clause... hmmm, he looks familiar

Building our gingerbread house

Us at Thanksgiving


Feeding ducks at the park over the summer

At grandma and grandpa Hill's house

It's been soooo long...

Hello friends! Well, as promised here is an update on our family! Now that we have a computer and the internet again I'm back to blogging! I have to admit though, I didn't miss the internet as much as I thought I would, I missed being able to keep in touch with people, but not the distraction the internet was getting to be in my life. Enough of that... on with the update! A week after our computer crashed we finalized Ellie's adoption and on April 18, 2009 we were sealed to her in the Salt Lake Temple (pictures on that to come). It was amazing, we were surrounded by our family and friends, and Ellie's birthmother and her family. What a wonderful day it was! Hard to believe it was almost 2 years ago!

Ellie has grown up so fast, she is talking like crazy and into everything. She's shoved tissue, cereal, scrambled eggs, and a hair elastic up her nose! She's spilled nail polish, foundation, lotion, toothpaste, juice and others all over my poor carpet! But... she is very sweet and loving, polite, and girly. She loves to have bows in her hair,wear 'lip' and have her nails painted! Oh how I love her!!! She turned 2 in September and we are beginning potty training, any tips would be appreciated!

Another chapter in our family is about to begin. We've decided the time has come to put our papers in for another baby. We've been feeling like it's time, although I must admit the emotional rollercoaster ride scares me. I feel like there's another baby close, like I did before Ellie was born, so I know it's time, it's just a draining process for me. But it will all be worth it to find our baby. So, there will be more on that as we begin the paperwork!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!!!

Hello again! I realize it's been forever since I posted, we have been living without the internet since April of 2009, but today Jeremy gave me a new computer and the internet!! YAY!!! So I will be updating this week! Hope everyone has had a very Merry Christmas!!!!