Thursday, March 26, 2009

Time for an update and BIG news!!!!

Jeremy's 30th birthday was on March 17th!!!  He was a little stressed about being 30, so I threw him a little surprise birthday party!  We had soooo much fun, thanks to all who came, he had no idea!!!  (I can't find the rest of the pictures, so this will have to do!)

We took my sister-in-law to the MTC yesterday!  What a wonderful experience.  I'm sure going to miss Kristi... I mean Sister Hurd, but I know she is going to be an incredible missionary!  The people in Houston, TX are going to be blessed to know her!

Finally, our most exciting update!!!!  We have completed all of our paperwork, and had our last home visit, and we are set to finalize Ellie's adoption on April 13th!  And more importantly, Ellie will be sealed to us on April 18th in the Salt Lake Temple!!  I can't believe it's already here, Ellie has been such a sweet miracle!  She rolls all over the place now, and she is starting to give kisses! She grabs my face with her little hands and comes at me with an open mouth!  Ohhhh, I looooove it!  She is the sweetest baby.  How blessed we are to have her!  
We had our last home visit last night and our case worker asked me how I was bonding with Ellie and to describe our relationship.  As an adoptive mother it's hard to describe your feelings to people who haven't adopted.  Before we had Ellie I wondered if I would love a baby that was not "biologically" ours as much as I would a baby that was born into our family.  It's a very real concern for adoptive couples, but like I told our case worker, Ellie belongs to us, she was meant to be in our family.  I don't question that she is my daughter and I know that she is loved every bit as much as any child that may or may not come to us "biologically."  She is such a lucky girl to have not only our family that love her, but a whole birth family that love her also!  She is definitely a loved little girl!