Thursday, November 29, 2007

Getting Started

Hello Family and Friends!!

I'm still trying to figure out how to do all this, but I really want to start documenting our adoption process! Jeremy and I after four years of wanting to start our family have decided to put our adoption papers in! Hooray!!! Our fifth anniversary is quickly approaching, and we have decided it is time to adopt to get our family here. About a week and a half ago we got our first few papers, which we turned in on Monday. Today we were assigned our case worker, and we have our first interview with her on December 13th. The process of just getting to be an approved couple will probably take until the end of February... at least that's the goal, it could take longer. We have a lot of paperwork, home studies, interviews, classes, and did I mention a lot of paperwork!?!? Then we wait... we know there are children that are supposed to come to us. So I'll be documenting our journey to get them here.

I have an amazing book called "Fertile in our Faith" by Krista Ralston Oaks, the way she describes adoption makes me cry every time I read it. She compares adoption to a family reunion, some come to the reunion by train, some fly, some drive, some walk, what matters is who not how they come. So... here we go!